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Welcome to IWHC Toronto

IWHC Toronto is a sexual health clinic located at 489 College St., Suite 200 (1 block west of College and Bathurst on the south side) in Toronto.

Please note the following:

  • IWHC Toronto DOES NOT have a physician on:
    • Tuesday, April 25th, 2017
    • Next available clinic is Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 from 1:00pm – 8:00pm
    • We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Hours of Operation (OFFICE ONLY):

Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm


  • ALL OF OUR CLINICS ARE NOW WALK-IN CLINICS:*COME EARLY TO ENSURE YOU ARE SEEN – CLINICS SPOTS FILL UP FAST!*Monday: 9:30am – 6:00pm (Doors open at 9:00am)Tuesday: 10:00am – 6:00pm (Doors open at 9:00am)Wednesday: 1:00pm – 8:00pm (Doors open at 12:00pm & there are 2 physicians for this clinic)Thursday: 10:00am – 3:00pm (Doors open at 9:00am)
  • Friday: THERE IS NO DOCTOR AND NO CLINIC, however IWHC Toronto is open for information, counselling, birth control sales, pregnancy tests and abortion referrals. (Doors open at 9:00am)
  • If you are uninsured, you can still be seen


* IWHC Toronto only sells birth control to our clients that is prescribed by IWHC Toronto physicians

- We do not fill prescriptions from an outside physician

IWHC TORONTO offers FREE sexual health clinical services, information and outreach for a wide range of sexual health issues with a multilingual, all-female staff; our services are provided in a culturally sensitive environment.

If you have an OHIP card or interim federal health papers, please bring your documents with you. if you do not have OHIP or other papers, you can still be seen.

Please note we are a sexual health clinic only. We do not provide primary health care OR pre-natal care. Please contact your family doctor, walk-in clinic or local Community Health Centre for assistance.

We are not an emergency clinic; if you are experiencing an emergency, please visit the Emergency area of your local hospital or a walk-in clinic close to you.

CLINIC Services:

  • STI counselling, testing and treatment
  • Urinary and Vaginal infection counselling, testing and treatment
  • HIV counselling and testing (nominal testing only)
  • Hepatitis B counselling, testing, treatment and vaccines (free)
  • HPV counselling, testing and wart treatment
  • Pap tests
  • Birth Control prescriptions and low-cost sales
  • IUD Services: Pre-IUD counselling and testing; IUD insertion, follow-up and removal
  • Same-day IUD insertions – PLEASE NOTE – these depend on factors like your medical history and last unprotected sex and are provided on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in a same-day IUD, please call the Centre first to ask about any preparation you may need to do before a same-day IUD insertion.

    • Birth Control counselling and information
    • Birth Control Sales (existing clients only)
    • Free Condoms; Free Pregnancy Tests
    • Pregnancy Counselling & Referral
    • Abortion Counselling & Referral
    • STI counselling
    • Emergency Contraception (Plan B) counselling and sales
    • Birth Control Options:

        • Workshops
        • Displays
        • Educationals
      • The following methods of birth control are sold at the clinic at a low cost, for your convenience. Below are the products and costs that we have available.

        Contraceptive Price
        Alesse $8.00
        Evra Patch $11.00
        Lolo $11.00
        Marvelon 28 $19.00
        Minovral $8.00
        NuvaRing $15.00
        Tri-Cyclen Lo $8.00
        Liberte 5 year IUD $60.00
        Mona Lisa 3 or 5 year IUD $60.00
        Mona Lisa 10 year IUD $70.00
        Plan B $12.00

        Please note, we accept cash only and we do not provide refunds or exchange on any medications sold.

        Group Services are also offered in collaboration with partner agencies, organizations and women’s groups:

        Who we serve:

        IWHC Toronto serves clients – women and men -  from all communities and can provide translation, if needed, in the following languages:

        Mandarin Cantonese
        Italian Portuguese
        Spanish Vietnamese
        Hindi/Urdu Tagalog

Company Information

The Immigrant Women's Health Centre is a sexual health clinic serving immigrant, refugee and marginalized women across the City of Toronto at a site clinic in downtown Toronto and also with our Mobile Health Clinic Program. We offer FREE clinic services, information and outreach for a wide range of women's sexual health issues with a multilingual, all-female staff; our services are provided in a culturally sensitive environment.

Contact us

489 College Street, Suite 200
phone: 416.323.9986
fax: 416.323.0447
email: info@immigranthealth.info
hours of operation:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday