IWHC Toronto (formerly Immigrant Women’s Health Centre) is an independent sexual health clinic funded by the City of Toronto, through Toronto Public Health. For over 40 years, IWHC Toronto has been providing free, confidential, culturally sensitive and language-accessible sexual health-related clinical services, counselling and support services to women across the City of Toronto. As of 2016, IWHC Toronto also opened its doors to men. We serve our clients in 9 languages with all-female Centre and medical staff.

IWHC is a pro-choice organization, with a focus on the sexual health of women and individuals with limited access to sexual healthcare. Our mandate is to empower all of our clients to be well-informed about their reproductive health needs and choices, and to offer sexual health clinical services, counselling, information, education, outreach and other support services in order to facilitate that self-care.

IWHC in Action:

  • Site Clinic at 489 College Street, Suite 200 (1 block west of College and Bathurst on the south side)
  • Our Mobile Health Clinic takes clinical services to communities all over the City of Toronto
  • We serve clients with and without OHIP
  • Some diagnostic screening and treatments are free
  • Birth Control can be purchased at a low cost

Mobile Health Clinic

In partnership with over 50 agencies across the City of Toronto, we bring our Mobile Health Clinic (with a family doctor and counselling staff) to various sites to provide most of the above mentioned services* to women in the communities where they live and work

*Mobile Health Clinic services include STI testing, pregnancy tests, breast exams and pap tests as well as referrals for mammograms and ultrasounds. Other services may be referred back to IWHC Toronto’s clinic site.


IWHC counsellors provide workshops in a variety of different areas:

  • STIs and Cancer Screening
  • Contraception
  • Pap tests
  • Safe Sex and Healthy Sexuality
  • Menopause

IWHC Toronto

Formerly Immigrant Women's Health Centre, IWHC Toronto is a sexual health clinic serving immigrant, refugee and marginalized clients across the City of Toronto. Our free clinical services are available at our site clinic in downtown Toronto and also through our Mobile Health Clinic Program with a multilingual, all-female staff; our services are provided in a culturally sensitive environment.

Contact us

489 College Street, Suite 200
phone: 416.323.9986
fax: 416.323.0447
email: info@iwhctoronto.com
hours of operation:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday